Monthly Archives: March 2014

British Drilling Association Safety Seminar

Drilling safety seminar to be hosted by the British Drilling Association in Manchester on April 9th. Topics include underground utilities, asbestos and cultural safety. Meeting Information

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45th Rankine Lecturer Announced
Suzanne Lacasse

After an excellent 44th Rankine Lecture delivered by Prof Guy Houlsby of Oxford University, the BGA announced that the 45th Rankine Lecturer will be Suzanne Lacasse of the Norweigen Geotechnical Institute.

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Call for Nominations for BGA Executive Committee

The BGA relies on the work of volunteers and the committee needs the help of more BGA members. Each year three members are elected to serve on the executive committee for three years and the search is on for new candidates. If you fit the description of “enthusiastic people who are keen to contribute toward our vibrant association” then you could be just what we need. Nominations are required by 7 April for election at the AGM in June 2014. Please

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RAIB Report into Penetration of a Tunnel by Piling Rig Published
RAIB Report

The Rail Accident Investigation Brach report on Penetration and obstruction of a tunnel between Old Street and Essex Road stations, London has been released. It contains valuable lessons for geotechnical specialists which are summarised in this letter to the BGA. Please take the time to read this and pass the knowledge on to your colleagues.

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