57th Rankine Lecture Recording

Regrettably, as those of you who attempted to view Prof Alonso’s Lecture online last night discovered, there was a technical hitch by Imperial College’s Audio Visual Department so that the live online viewing link we had distributed failed.  Some viewers managed to locate the correct link but missed the opening 20 minutes or so of the presentation while searching for it.


The fault has been identified and Imperial College have apologised as below:


We would like to apologise to all your audience from around the world for the error in the stream address. The live stream was mistakenly sent to the wrong channel, for which the technical management at Imperial College are truly sorry.


The lecture, as streamed is available here and we hope that you will still be able to enjoy watching it:  https://youtu.be/u67Cqv_NyEY.


Incidentally, you might like to note that the first 12 minutes comprise the usual rolling presentation of past Rankine Lecturers.


I am sorry that your enjoyment of the Lecture was spoiled but the problem was beyond our control.