January 2017 Newsletter

Another year has come and gone and an exciting programme awaits BGA members for 2017. Flyers, booking arrangements and full details of all BGA events are available on the BGA website at www.britishgeotech.org.uk.


Attending BGA Events in person: Please let us know if your commitments prevent you from attending an event for which you have previously registered so that a) someone else may do so and b) we have a full theatre.


Watching BGA Events live online: There is now an option to register to watch BGA events on line as well as to book in person. The viewing link will be sent to those who have registered about a week in advance.


Networking after BGA Lectures: members tell us they value mixing with other industry professionals when attending lectures in person.

The BGA is arranging for the ICE Bar to be open after Lectures to enable members to network with fellow participants – please support this initiative and make the most of the facilities available.


International events are not generally listed in this newsletter – members are directed to http://britishgeotech.org/events/conferences/ or BGA social media (Linked In, Twitter and Facebook) for full details.


Headlines and Deadlines

  1. 20th January 2017: deadline for Cooling Prize 2017 submissions
  2. 27th January 2017: deadline for Masters Dissertation Prize 2016 submissions
  3. 31st January 2017: deadline for BGA Medal 2016 submissions
  4. 15th February 2017: Joint EGGS and BGA meeting at Burlington House
  5. 23rd February 2017: BTS/NAFEMS seminar on Modelling Soil Structure Interaction during Tunnel Excavation
  6. Thursday 9th March 2017: BGA presentation on Coastal Stability
  7. 15th March 2017: 57th Rankine Lecture: Prof Eduardo Alonso at Imperial College followed by Rankine Dinner 2017
  8. Other 2017 events and beyond to put on your calendar
  1. PAST UK EVENTS 2016
Recording available to SKS and ICE members 7 December 2016 Fleming Award Competition After a tough competition Crag End Landslip (Volker Stevin, Atkins, Northumberland County Council & Keller) was eventually chosen as the winning project. Tony O’Brien of Mott MacDonald gave the keynote lecture on “Geotechnical Characterisation: Recent Developments and applications”. Thanks are due to Cementation Skanska for sponsoring the prize and post-event reception. A recording of the evening’s proceedings is available at https://www.ice.org.uk/eventarchive/fleming-award-2016-london




Recording available to SKS and ICE members 11 January 2017 ICE John Mitchell Award Lecture Dr Andrew Ridley spoke on “Monitoring the performance of clay slopes” to a full Telford Theatre before hosting a post-lecture reception in the Smeaton Room. A recording of the lecture will be available shortly.




Deadline! 31 January 2017 BGA Medal 2016 BGA members’ papers published in the calendar year 2016 may be submitted for consideration for this prestigious award. Full details on the BGA website.
Updated information 15 February 2017 – 1800 Joint BGA Lecture with EGGS At Burlington House (not ICE!): Vix Edmonds & Matthew Free speaking on Wylfa Power Station – rock mass classification and engineering seismology.
  23 February 2017 BTS/NAFEMS seminar Modelling Soil Structure Interaction during Tunnel Excavation at Warwick University: full details at https://www.nafems.org/events/nafems/2017/simulating-soil-structural-interaction-during-tunnel-excavation_/.
NEW – EXTRA EVENT! 9 March 2017 BGA evening event Presentation on Coastal Stability by speakers from Mott MacDonald – further details available shortly
  15 March 2017 57th Rankine Lecture Prof Eduardo Alonso on Triggering and Motion of Landslides, Imperial College. Advance booking not required; full details on BGA website or at https://www.ice.org.uk/events/57-rankine-lecture-london
Waiting list 15 March 2017 57th Rankine Dinner Please submit application form for tickets available to download from BGA Website to bga@britishgeotech.org.uk.
Abstract deadline 26 May 2017 Ground Related Risk to Transportation Infrastructure Geological Society Conference: 26-27 October 2017; see http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/GeoRiskTransport17 for full details
  5-7 September 2017 ICE Coasts, Marine Structures & Breakwaters Conference 2017 Liverpool: https://www.ice.org.uk/events/call-for-papers-breakwaters
  6-7 September 2017 2nd Conf: Coupled phenomena in environmental geotechnics Leeds: call for papers – deadline 30 November 2016 – see https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/5Rg0BFpvnesd?domain=tinyurl.com.
  12-14 Sept 2017 SUT 8th Int’l Conf Offshore Site Investigation & Geotechnics Committee: “Smarter Solutions for Future Offshore Developments” – London; further details at http://www.sut.org/event/osig2017/ and sponsorship opportunities now available
  26-27 October 2017 Ground Related Risk to Transportation Infrastructure Geological Society Conference: abstracts due 26 May 2017; see http://www.geolsoc.org.uk/GeoRiskTransport17 for full details




  Autumn 2018 Engineering in Chalk 2018 BGA 2-day conference – full details to follow but holding website at http://www.chalk2018.org




deadline for submissions 20 January 2017 48th Cooling Prize competition Download flyer, rules and application form from BGA Website.
  27 January 2017 Masters Dissertation Prize 2016 University tutors are reminded of the opportunity to enter their best student’s dissertation on a geotechnical subject.   Further information available on the BGA website or contact Shelagh.fleming@ice.org.uk.



  12 December 2016 BDA Land Drillers training day http://www.britishdrillingassociation.co.uk/Events
New – deadline 22 December 2016 Government consultation on Building Regulations in Wales Approved Documents A (Structure), B Volume 2 (Fire safety), C (Site preparation and resistance to contaminants and moisture).  See https://consultations.gov.wales/consultations/proposals-update-approved-building-regulations-documents-b-c
  Brexit Digest Brexit digest – a summary of articles from the media. Sign up for e-newsletter at http://cic.us6.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=6b20ea5b6c&id=f4c2b1fdc6
New Immigration Skills Levy Birketts (solicitors) have a useful summary with links to further information http://www.birketts.co.uk/resources/legal-updates/1860/hr-matters–immigration-skills-charge–what-difference-will-it-make/


  • UK Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (RoGEP)


New – application dates for 2017 Notification dates The UK Register of Ground Engineering Professionals (UK RoGEP) now has over 400 registrants
  24 January 2017 4 April 2017 Apply to join the UK RoGEP if you are chartered with ICE; the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IoM3); or the Geological Society London (GSL).
  25 April 2017 4 July 2017 Visit ice.org.uk/rogep for further details or contact registers@ice.org.uk
  25 July 2017 3 October 2017  
  24 October 2017 10 January 2018  




deadline 31st January 2017 BGA Medal 2016 BGA members’ papers published in the calendar year 2016 may be submitted for consideration for this prestigious award. Full details on the BGA website shortly.
New ICE ICE Informs November – Infrastructure at the Heart of the Autumn Statement: Summary of ICE activities influencing and informing government and other authorities of the engineering perspective on infrastructure etc.   contact alex.green-wilkes@ice.org.uk or Gloria.liu@ice.org.uk for further information.
Extended to 2017 Special offer for BGA members Canadian Geotechnical Journal Access all content electronically from CGJ from 1996 to 2015 for just $50 US instead of $246 US.   E-mail nrcresearchpress-csp@subscriptionoffice.com and type “CGJ_BGA personal subscription” in the subject field; you will need your BGA membership number. Full details on BGA website.
Digest on BGA website ISSMGE News & Information Circular and

Latest bulletin

See BGA website and http://www.issmge.org/publications/issmge-bulletin/vol-10-issue-6-december-2016
Bi-monthly webinars ISSMGE Webinar series appx every 2 months, usually towards the end of or beginning of the month http://www.issmge.org/en/resources/recorded-webinars.
  CIC Newsletter October 2016 issue http://us6.campaign-archive1.com/?u=6b20ea5b6c&id=1d2df974bc&e=64cb54ae4b
  Int. J. Rock Mech. & Geomech. for Europe first issue available at http://ijrmg.upg-ploiesti.ro/contents-v1n1.php
New – Scopus Acceptance ICE’s Gold Open Access journal Geotechnical Research ACCEPTED into Elsevier’s Scopus and soon to be indexed back to Issue 1 Volume 1.     More information about the journal at http://www.icevirtuallibrary.com/toc/jgere/current


  • overseas activities 2017


Abstracts due but ask for an extension! 15 January 2017 GeoOttawa 2017 1-4 October 2017:   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:   70th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and the 12th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference. 300 word abstracts to be submitted at www.geoottawa2017.ca/abstract-submission.php?lang=en.
Registration open 1-14 March 2017 American Rock Mechanics Association: SedHeat workshop Salt Lake City, Utah: Unlocking the Energy Elephant: Science and Engineering for Geothermal Energy in Sedimentary Basins http://www.unlockelephant.org.


abstract deadline 15 March 2017 GeoChina 2018 International Conference Hangzhou, China:   23-25 July 2018; Full details at http://geochina2018.geoconf.org/
  28-29 March 2017 Conference on Maritime Energy:


Decommissioning of Offshore Geotechnical Structures: Hamburg;   under the auspices of ISSMGE TC209
New! 4-7 April 2017 EPFL doctoral school on Unsaturated Soil Mechanics Lausanne, Switzerland:   providing PhD students with the fundamentals of mechanical and hydraulic behavior of unsaturated soils and to introduce modern trends in experimental methods and constitutive modelling. Engineering applications involving unsaturated Soils will be also discussed. The school features a one-day guided tour of the Mont Terri Underground Research Laboratory. Full details at http://terreunsat.epfl.ch/
  4-6 April 2017 9th Symposium on Geotechnical Aspects of Underground Constructions in Soft Ground São Paulo, Brazil. Under the auspices of ISSMGE TC 204. Coinciding with 4th Brazilian Tunnelling Congress and Latin American Tunnelling Seminar. Full details at  www.is-saopaulo.com.;   abstracts due by 15th June but extension may be granted.
  28-29 April 2017 ICNACE’17 3rd International Conference on New Advances in Civil Engineering – Helsınkı – http://icnaceconference.com/
New – abstract deadline 31 May 2017 16ECEE 18-21 June 2018 – 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering: Thessaloniki, Greece. http://www.16ecee.org/submission/abstracts
New – ISRM 15 to 17 May 2017 VIII International Research and Practice Conference St Petersburg, Russia: Innovative Issues of Mining Enterprises Design: Geo-mechanical Support Of Planning, Design And Mining Operations. E-mail VANoskov87@yandex.ru for further information.
  4-6 June 2017 Geo-Risk 2017


Denver, Colorado: ASCE /Geo-institute conference on “Geotechnical Risk from Theory to Practice”; full details at www.georiskconference.org
New 13-15 June 2017 4th Int’l Course on Geotechnical and Structural Monitoring


Rome, Italy. Directed by John Dunnicliff, featuring sessions on “New Monitoring Trends” and “Case Histories and Lessons Learned”, with presentations given by practitioners and exhibitors; on 12 June six “Master Classes” will cover installation, data acquisition, data processing, tricks and tips from everyday experience on piezometers, inclinometers, extensometers, total stations, GNNS, terrestrial radar.

The course is intended for project managers and other decision-makers concerned with management of RISK during construction, geotechnical and structural engineers, end users, consultants, service providers, manufacturers and researchers. Further information at www.geotechnicalmonitoring.com

registration now open 21-22 June 2017 EUROCK 2017 Ostrava, Czech Republic – further details at www.eurock2017.cz shortly.
Call for Papers 25-28 June 2017 2017 US Rock Mechanics / Geomechanics Symposium San Francisco: full details at www.armasymposium.org
  9-12 July 2017 Grouting 2017 Honolulu, Hawaii; full details at https://protect-eu.mimecast.com/s/NDvNBt2ORkSx?domain=submissions.mira
15-17 July 2017 GeoMEast 2017 Int’l Conf Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt http://www.geomeast2017.org/
Registration now open 17-22 September 2017 ICSMGE 2017 Seoul, Korea: authors have been informed if their abstracts were approved by BGA and submitted to Seoul. Instructions for preparing full papers in accordance with prescribed template have been distributed. Registration at: https://www.icsmge2017.org/registration/registration_01.asp


New! 1-4 October 2017 GeoOttawa 2017 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada:   70th Canadian Geotechnical Conference and the 12th Joint CGS/IAH-CNC Groundwater Conference. see http://www.geoottawa2017.ca/techthemes.php)..
New 18-21 October 2017 IMMAT 2017 Izmir, Turkey: 6th International Congress of Mining Machinery and Technologies – http://www.immat.org.
Abstracts submission still open! 12-15 November 2017 2nd Pan Am Conf Dallas: PanAm-UNSAT 2017: The Second Pan American Conference on Unsaturated Soils,




New 18-21 June 2018 16ECEE 16th European Conference on Earthquake Engineering: Thessaloniki, Greece. http://www.16ecee.org/submission/abstracts
25-23 July 2018 GeoChina 2018 International Conference Hangzhou, China:   Abstracts due 15 March 2017; Full details at http://geochina2018.geoconf.org/