Early Career Members Group

The Early Career Members Group is a recently formed BGA initiative with the aim of targeting the interests of graduates and recently professionally qualified members.  The programme of activities are a new opportunity for training, knowledge share, debate and networking. The group aspires to build a strong network between early career members and the wider geotechnical engineering community, and represent the views of early career members to the BGA.

EventsEvent with John Burland

Since its formation in 2013 the group has delivered a number of successful and high quality events in London and has attracted the support of many early career and experienced engineers. The committee intends to initially deliver 3-4 evening events per year and explore other activities such as site visits, training courses, professional development guidance, and social events. For details of upcoming or past events please see the listing below or visit the general events page.


The Early Career Group has received generous support from a number of London based companies and Universities including Arup, Atkins, Byrne Looby Partners, WSP, Mott MacDonald, Buro Happold, Imperial College and City University. We would like to thank them and our speakers for their contribution to our activities. If your organisation would like to express an interest in supporting the early career group please contact bga-ecg@britishgeotech.org.uk.

We thank Arup and Aecom for sponsoring our next event on 3/10/17.                                                  


The early career group sub-committee meet every few months to plan future events and is made up of graduate or recently professionally qualified members of the BGA. The group is represented by early career members sitting on the BGA committee and reports to this committee on its activities.

Members: Henry Tayler (Arup, BGA committee member), Nick Fearnhead (Atkins, BGA committee member), Georgios Katsigiannis (Arup & University College London), Francesca Waldron (Mott MacDonald), Frederick Levy (Mott MacDonald), Riccardo Corti (Arup), Dimitrios Daskalopoulos (AECOM), Raquel Neri (WSP), Riccardo Impiumi (Arup)


Get Involved and mailing list

If you would like to join the mailing list or get involved in the group please contact us on bga-ecg@britishgeotech.org.ukWe welcome suggestions on possible activities, speakers and events.

Upcoming Events

The 3rd Edition of SPERWall – Consultant and Contractor views

Pete Ingram and Tony Suckling will be presenting the updates to the ICE Specification for Piling and Embedded Retaining Walls (SPERWall), the UK’s pre-eminent technical specification for piling and embedded walling works.

This 3rd edition has been updated to reflect the latest piling techniques and procurement methods used in the geotechnical sector, as well as revisions to the Eurocodes, British Standards and CIRIA guides.

In the first part of this evening meeting, Tony and Pete will describe the main changes made to the document since the 2nd edition, and the factors that drove these changes. The existence of an agreed way of executing piling works helps to reduce disputes on site and enables consultants to design more economically by having confidence in how the site works will be carried out. In the second part of the meeting, some common consultant and contractor pitfalls in writing and executing a piling specification from each other’s perspective will be discussed.

To register for the event on the ICE webpage click here

Download the flyer: 03.10.2017 – BGA ECG SPERWall Event

Most Recent Events

The Principles and Pitfalls of Earthworks Design

Paul Nowak (Technical Director – Ground Engineering, Atkins)

7th June 2017 at 6.30 pm

Room 201, Skempton Building, Imperial College London, South Kensington Campus, Exhibition Road, London SW7 2AZ

The BGA Early Career Group are pleased to invite you to June’s event. The talk aims to provide an introduction to the principles of Earthworks design in terms of both earthwork stability and material selection. It will broadly follow the structure of recent earthworks publications looking at the historical development of earthworks design and the application of current day design standards. It will also cover the development of earthworks specifications and compare UK practice with that in other countries.

This event is sponsored by Atkins. Drinks & nibbles will be provided on the Level 2 Concourse from 8pm until 9pm

To register for this event, please email: tony.bowerman@atkinsglobal.com

Check the event’s Flyer and the event’s slides here: The Principles & Pitfalls of Earthworks BGA 07.06

Preparing for ICE Professional Review – Avoiding ‘geotechnical failure’

David Beadman  (Director, Byrne Looby Partners) & Peter Rutty (Project Director, Mott MacDonald)

14th March 2017 at 6.30 pm

Mott MacDonald Ltd, 10 Fleet Place, EC4M 7RBDSC_0945

The talk provided practical guidance for geotechnical engineers on how to approach the Professional Review and interpret the ICE guidelines into the geotechnical field. This event was a unique opportunity to everyone considering sitting for your Professional Review in the near future, to get insight from two very experienced and well-accomplished geotechnical engineers, who are currently ICE Reviewers. David Beadman talked about how to achieve different attributes and demonstrate competence at the Professional Review while Peter Rutty presented some tips and advice on how to avoid potential pitfalls at the Professional Review and also provided advice on RoGEP professional qualifications.

The presentations were followed by a short mock review including a presentation and an interview with a recent successful geotechnical engineer. This was followed by a Q & A session with David, Peter and a number of recent successful candidates. Thanks are extended to Mott MacDonald for hosting the event. 

Check the event’s flyer here  and the event’s slides here: 14 03 2017 – ICE Professional Reviews Event slides

Post Rankine lecture Drinks DSC_3246

Sponsored by Arup (on a first come, first served basis)

15th March 2017 following the lecture

The h-bar, Level 0 Sherfield Building, Imperial College, London

For details and location of the h-bar see:  http://www.imperial.ac.uk/food-and-drink/catering-outlets/h-bar/

For details of the Rankine Lecture 2017: http://britishgeotech.org/57th-rankine-lecture-professor-eduardo-alonso/

Check the flyer here



The role of numerical modelling in the design of major rock engineering projects

Anastasios Stavrou (Engineering Geologist – Postgraduate Researcher, AECOM)

Godfrey Mitchel Theatre, Institution of Civil Engineers

One Great George Street, London, SW1P 3AA

The talk demonstrated the role of realistic numerical modelling in the design of major civil and mining projects such as the Stockholm Bypass rock tunnels, the Glensanda Supper Quarry expansion and the Hinkley C Point Nuclear Power Station deep excavations. The objective was to show that since rock masses are generally jointed, anisotropic and not homogenous, the accurate representation of the in-situ rock mass conditions is of paramount importance in rock mechanics modelling and design. The talk provided some guidelines on the numerical modelling of underground and surface excavations and discussed why the choice of appropriate modelling methods (i.e. Continuum vs Discontinuum & 2D vs 3D) in simulating the behaviour of a rock mass and the elements used as rock reinforcement is a critical and extremely important decision that should be undertaken with careful consideration.

Past Events

Preparing for ICE Professional Review – Avoiding ‘geotechnical failure’ David Beadman   & Peter Rutty, 23rd February 2016 (Check the event’s flyer here). 

Data to information on Ground Engineering projects: How to minimise the risk of failure, Angus Maxwell & Anmol Beldi, Tuesday 1st December 2015  (Event’s flyer)

Updating the CIRIA Guidance C580 for the design of embedded retaining walls, Stuart Hardy & Lauren Doughty, 7 October 2015 (BGA flyer event C580)

GROUNDWATER CONTROL TECHNIQUES Speaker: Dr Martin Preene – Preene Groundwater Consulting. Thursday 14th May 2015 Download the BTSYM – 14 May Talk FlyerSlides now available 

Collapses and Failures: do geotechnical engineers have the tools to predict the next collapse? Alison Norrish & Evanthia Batzalexi, Wednesday 16th October 2013, Arup

Good practice for young geo-engineers: Boots, computers and engineering judgement. Professor John Burland, Wednesday 19th February 2014, Imperial College London (BGA ECM flyer – Burland lecture)

Designers and Contractors: Conflict or Co-operation? Paul Nowak, Wednesday 30th April 2014, City University (BGA ECM flyer Designers vs Contractors)

How Eurocode 7  gets misunderstood, Brian Simpson & Georgios Katsigiannis, 23rd September 2014, Arup (BGA ECG flyer EC7) (slides available: Georgios, Brian)

Reclaiming Engineering: Entrepreneurship and the Profile of Geotechnical Engineers, Alexander Nikolic, 19th November 2014, Imperial College London (ECG – Reclaiming Engineeering flyer)

ICE Professional Reviews for Geotechnical Engineers. Mike Rogers & David Beadman, Monday 9th February 2015, WSP House (slides available: Download the pdf)

Recent Events