BGA Medal

This annual award, inaugurated in 1958, is made to members of the Society for “meritorious contributions to geotechnical science or practice”. Contributions by members published or accepted for publication in any calendar year, are eligible for consideration for the awards of that year.

Current Rules

The British Geotechnical Association Medal (and certificate) is awarded annually (calendar year) for a publication authored/co-authored by member(s) of the British Geotechnical Association (BGA) and submitted for consideration of the award. The rules and procedures for 2017 are given in the bga-medal-rules-2016. Papers for consideration for the calendar year 2016 award should be submitted along with a completed bga-medal-2016-application-form to Shelagh Fleming at no later than the 31st January 2017 in electronic (.pdf) format.

List of BGA Medal* winners

*Awarded as The British National Society for Soil Mechanics Prize in the years 1958 – 1962, and as the BGA prize thereafter until 2008.

2015 P-Q Mo, A M Marshall and H-S Yu Centrifuge modelling of cone penetration tests in layered soils Géotechnique, Vol 65, Issue No 6.
2014 A Gasparre, D W Hight, M R Coop and R J Jardine The Laboratory Measurement and Interpretation of the Small-Strain Stiffness of Stiff Clays. Géotechnique, Vol 64, Issue 12.
2013 S Springman A long-term field study for the investigation of rainfall-induced landslides. Géotechnique, 63 (14), 1177–1193.
2012 L Zdravkovic & D Potts Accounting for partial material factors in numerical analysis. Géotechnique, 62 (12), 1053–1065.
2011 C Y Cheuk & D J White Modelling the dynamic embedment of seabed pipelines. Géotechnique, 61 (1), 39-57.
2010 L Zdravkovic & V Potts Finite-element study of arching behaviour in reinforced fills. Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers – Ground improvement, 163, 217-229.
2009 J A Knappett Influence of axial load on lateral pile response in liquefiable soils. Part I: physical modelling. Géotechnique, 59 (7), 571-581. (Jointly written with S P G Madabhushi)
2008 S Kontoe, L Zdravkovic, D M Potts & C O Menkiti Case study on seismic tunnel response. Canadian Geotechnical Journal, 45, 1743-1764.
2007 No award
2006 H G Poulos The use of stiffness inserts in pile groups and piled rafts. Geotechnical Engineering, 169 (3), 153-160.
2005 M F Randolph and D J White Limiting cavity depth for spudcan foundations penetrating clay. Géotechnique, 55 (9), 679 – 690. (Jointly written with M S Hossain & Y Hu.)
2004 D J White and M D Bolton Displacement and strain paths during plane-strain model pile installation in sand. Geotechnique, 54 (6), 375-397.
2003 A Phear, C Warren and D Patterson Sustainable chalk fill transfer from Channel Tunnel Rail Link. Geotechnical Engineering, 156 (2), 63-73.
2002 N E Simons, B K Menzies, M C Matthews Geotechnical Site Investigation. (Textbook)
2001 H G Poulos Piled raft foundations: design and applications. Géotechnique March, 51 (2), 95-113.
2000 P G Fookes & J N Hutchinson Total geological history: a model approach to the anticipation, observation and understanding of site conditions. GeoEng 2000, An International conference on Geotechnical & Geological Engineering, 19-24 November 2000, Melbourne, Australia.
1999 T Cuccovillo & M Coop On the mechanics of structured sands. Geotechnique, 49 (6), 741-760.
1998 M R Cooper, E N Bromhead, D J Petley & D I Grant The Selbourne Cutting Stability Experiment. Geotechnique, 48 (1), 83-101.
1997b C C Hird, D A Russell & R A Jewell The Stability of Single-stage Constructed Reinforced Embankments on Soft Clay. Geotechnical Engineering, 125 (4), 191-205.
1997a R N Taylor & S E Stallebrass The Development and Evaluation of a Constitutive Model for the Prediction of Ground Movements in Overconsolidated Clay. Geotechnique, 47 (2), 235-253.
1996 P R Vaughan, Tika & L L J Lemmos Fast Shearing of Pre-existing Shear Zones in Soil. Geotechnique, 46 (2), 197-233.
1995b Hencher, S J Contributions to Rock Mechanics. Trans IMM, QJEG, & elsewhere.
1995a R J Jardine Contributions to Foundation Engineering. Géotechnique, Proc ICE, & elsewhere.
1994 W Powrie & M Preene Contributions to Dewatering in Construction. Proc ICE, Geot. Eng. & elsewhere.
1993 J A Charles Contributions to Engineered Fills. Proc. Conf. Eng. Fills, Newcastle upon Tyne.
1992 D W Hight Contributions to Bothkennar Soft Clay test site: characterisation and lessons learned. Géotechnique, 42 (2).
1991 J N Hutchinson Periglacial & slope processes. Quaternary Engineering Geology: Proceedings of the 25th Annual Conference of the Engineering Group of the Geological Society, Geological Society, London, 283–334.
1990 W H Craig & K Chua Deep penetration of spud-can foundations on sand and clay. Géotechnique, 40, 541-556.
1989 M R Coop & C P Wroth Field studies of an instrumented model pile in clay. Géotechnique, 39, 679-696.
1988 R A Jewell Reinforced soil wall analysis & predicted behaviour of the Royal Military College trial wall. The Application of Polymeric Reinforcement in Soil Retaining Structures. NATO ASI Series. 193-235.
1987 J B Boden & R M C Driscoll House foundations, a review of the effect of clay soil volume change on design and performance. Mun. Eng. 4, 181-213.
1986 G Price & J B Burland Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre – Geotechnical Aspects. Proc ICE Part 1 Design and Construction, 80, 1479-1503. (Jointly written with J C Kalra.)
1985 C P Wroth & G T Houlsby Soil Mechanics property characterisation & analysis procedures. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering, San Francisco, August 12-16, Vol. 1.
1984 R J Chandler Recent European experience of landslides in overconsolidated clays & soft rocks. Proc. IV Int. Symp. on Landslides 1, 61-81.
1983b G W E Milligan Soil deformations near anchored sheet-pile walls. Géotechnique, 33, 41-55.
1983a J A Hooper Non-linear analysis on a circular raft on clay. Géotechnique, 33, 1-20.
1982b A N Schofield Dynamic and earthquake centrifuge modelling. Proc international conference in geotechnical earthquake engineering and soil dynamics.
1982a A D M Penman Materials & construction methods for embankment dams & cofferdams. International conference on large dams, Rio de Janiero 4, 1105-1228.
1981d M Randolph The response of flexible piles to lateral loading. Géotechnique, 31, 247-259.
1981c M Randolph & C P Wroth The application of the failure state in undrained simple shear to the shaft capacity of driven piles. Géotechnique, 31, 143-157.
1981b P G Fookes Engineering geology of materials for rock armouring.
1981a K Been & G C Sills Self weight consolidation of soft soils: an experimental & theoretical study. Géotechnique, 31, 519-535.
1980b R J Mair Contributions to soft ground tunnelling. Geotechnique and elsewhere.
1980a R W Cooke, G Price & K J Tarr Jacked piles in London Clay: interaction & group behaviour under working conditions. Géotechnique, 30, 97-136.
1979b C Thornton The conditions for failure of a face-centred cubic array of uniform rigid spheres. Géotechnique, 29, 441-459.
1979a R W Cooke, G Price & K J Tarr Jacked piles in London Clay: a study of load transfer & settlement under working conditions. Géotechnique, 29, 113-147.
1978b C P Wroth, D M Wood
1978a R H G Parry Estimating foundation settlements in sand from plate bearing tests. Géotechnique, 28, 107-118.
1977 A Marsland (& M F Randolph) Comparison of the results from pressuremeter tests & large insitu plate tests in London Clay. Géotechnique, 27, 217-243.
1976b N B Hobbs (& P Robins) Compression & tension tests on driven piles in Chalk. Géotechnique, 26, 33-46.
1976a A F L Hyde & S F Brown The plastic deformation of a silty clay under creep & repeated loading. Géotechnique, 26, 173-184.
1975 J R F Arthur (& A B Phillips) Homogeneous & layered sand in triaxial compression. Géotechnique, 25, 799-815.
1974 J B Burland & C P Wroth Settlement of buildings and associated structures. Proc. Conf. Settlement Struct., Cambridge. 611-654.
1973b P R Vaughan & H J Walbanke Pore pressure changes & the delayed failure of cutting slopes in overconsolidated clay. Géotechnique, 23, 531-539.
1973a J A Hooper Observations on the behaviour of a piled raft foundation on London Clay. Proc. I C E. 55, 855-8777.
1972c K W Cole
1972b A C Palmer Undrained plain strain expansion of a cylindrical cavity in clay: a simple interpretation of the pressuremeter test. Géotechnique, 22, 451-457.
1972a L Bjerrum, J K T L Nash, R M Kennard & R E Gibson Hydraulic fracturing in field permeability testing. Géotechnique, 22, 319-332.
1971 J B Burland A method of estimating the pore pressures and displacements beneath embankments on soft clay deposits. Proc Roscoe Mem. Symp., Cambridge. 505-536.
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1969a A W Skempton & J N Hutchinson Stability of natural slopes. Proc. 7th ICSMFE, State of the Art Volume; 291-340.
1968b R E Gibson & G C Shefford The efficiency of horizontal drainage layers for accelerating consolidation of clay embankments. Géotechnique, 18, 327-335.
1968a W H Ward, J B Burland & R W Gallois Geotechnical assessment of a site at Mundford, Norfolk, for a large proton accelerator. Géotechnique, 18, 399-431.
1967b A D M Penman & G H Watson Foundations for storage tanks on reclaimed land at Teesmouth. Proc. ICE. 39, 19-42.
1967a N N Ambrayses & S K Sarma The response of earth-dams to strong earthquakes. Géotechnique, 17, 181-213.
1966b I F Christie The solution of consolidation problems by general purpose analogue computer. Géotechnique, 16, 131-148.
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1965c N Morgenstern & V E Price The analysis of the stability of general slip surfaces. Géotechnique, 15, 79-93.
1965b J L Knill & K S Jones The recording & interpretation of geological conditions in the foundations of the Roseires, Kariba and Latiyan Dams. Géotechnique, 15, 94-124.
1965a P W Rowe & K Peaker Passive earth pressure measurements. Géotechnique, 15, 57-78.
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1964a D H Cornforth Some experiments on the influence of strain conditions on the strength of sand. Géotechnique, 14, 143-167.
1963 R E Gibson An analysis of system flexibility & its effect on time-lag in pore water pressure measurements. Géotechnique, 13, 1-11.
1962b P Lumb The properties of decomposed granite. Géotechnique, 12, 226-243.
1962a P W Rowe The stress-dilatancy relation for static equilibrium of an assembly of particles in contact Proc Roy Soc, London; Series A, 269; 500-527.
1961 A W Bishop The measurement of pore pressures in the triaxial test. Conf. Pore Pressure Suction in Soils, London.
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1959 A W Skempton Cast insitu bored piles in London clay. Géotechnique, 9, 153-173.
1958 K H Roscoe, A N Schofield & C P Wroth On the yielding of soils. Géotechnique, 8, 22-25.

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