Skempton Medal

This Medal, inaugurated in 1988, is named in honour of Professor A W Skempton of Imperial College, London, and Past-President of the ISSMFE.

The Medal is awarded to a BGA member who has made an outstanding contribution to the practice of geotechnical engineering over a sustained period of time. The individual will not normally have received other comparable recognition in this country. The individual’s work should be closely associated with, though not necessarily carried out in, the United Kingdom. It is expected that not more than four awards would normally be made per decade.

The award ceremony normally takes place at the BGA Annual General Meeting immediately following the AGM and preceding the technical discussion.

List of Skempton Medal winners

At an inaugural ceremony, a special presentation of the first Gold Medal was made to Professor Skempton himself.

Medal Nr Medal Recipient Presentation Occasion Citation By
11 & 12 Dr M A Stroud
Mr D P Nicholson
AGM 17 June 2015 Prof J B Burland
Prof B Simpson
10 Dr H D St John AGM 10 June 2009 Prof D Potts
8 & 9 Dr W G Fleming
Dr R H G Parry
AGM 16 June 99 Dr D A Greenwood
Prof R J Mair
6 & 7 Dr A M Penman
Mr K W Cole
AGM 18 June 97 Dr G C Sills
Dr M A Stroud
5 Dr D A Greenwood AGM 09 Jun 93 Dr J A Lord
3 & 4 Mr D J Croney
Dr W H Ward
Joint BGS/BDS meeting 25 Mar 91 Dr M P O’Reilly
J B Boden
2 Dr M J Tomlinson AGM 07 Dec 88 Prof J B Burland

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