BGA Fund

The BGA Fund is for:

1. Raising the understanding and the appreciation of geotechnics by the public, particularly pupils at schools and colleges (to further the interest in geotechnics as a career) and other technical/scientific professionals (to encourage the employment of experts in geotechnics on projects wherever appropriate)

2. Aiding young undergraduates and graduates in geotechnics and allied subjects (normally under 30 years of age) in their training and experience (including funding of teaching, research and travel, eg exchanges with young graduates in other countries).

Any member of the BGA may nominate a person or organisation for consideration for the provision of funds. The allotment of funds will be determined by the members of the Executive Committee in their role as Trustees of the BGA at one of their regular normal committee meetings.


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Past Awardees

Case Study: Scott Francis

ScottScott is a final year undergraduate at the University of Portsmouth studying for a BEng (Hons) Engineering Geology and Geotechnics. Scott tells us how the award of a bursary from the BGA fund is helping him to complete his course.

“I enrolled at Portsmouth University as a mature student in 2011 after several years working in property and development for a main contractor. The ongoing costs of supporting a family led to tightening finances towards the end of the second year. As a member of the BGA, I applied to the fund to assist with travel and accommodation costs associated with data collection for my dissertation project. This opened up a wider area and allowed me to tailor research towards my interests of tunnelling and rock mass assessment, something that would have been very limited in the tertiary deposits of the Hampshire Basin. After completion of the course I aim to specialise in rock mass assessment for tunnelling and mining, where I hope the dissertation research assisted by the BGA will put me in good stead for a successful career.”

Case Study: Sonia Carley

SoniaSonia’s story: “I’m a single mother of three children. I was young when I started my family and it cut my education short. I have waited until my children are older to attend university, and set up a cleaning business to support myself and work my own hours in order to attend the lectures. I’ve always had a passion for geology and the related processes so I enrolled at the University of Portsmouth to study for my BEng Engineering Geology and Geotechnics in 2011. The course is fantastic and sets a very high professional standard. For my dissertation I will be going to the Peak District to do all the geological groundwork for a tunnel at Winnats Pass. This is the crucial step in my degree path, it is also very expensive in terms of accommodation and travel. I applied to the BGA for help with these costs. The money awarded has literally meant I can continue at university and finish my degree. I am currently looking for a graduate placement to continue my learning after my graduation in 2014.”

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