Register of Ground Engineering Professionals

The scheme is for chartered ground engineering professionals with experience and competence in ground engineering.

Why join the Register?

It is widely recognised that the scheme offers many benefits. For external stakeholders it will enable them to determine and select people or groups of people who have confirmed competence in ground engineering to a particular level. For individual Registrants, it will firstly offer a means of exhibiting their specialism in ground engineering and secondly it will offer a series of targets for their career as they progress beyond being chartered and aim towards Specialist grade and finally Adviser grade. For the professional bodies themselves it has already been found to bring benefit by working together, with the inherent developed mutual understanding and co-operation, to bring the scheme to fruition.

Development of the Scheme

The scheme has been developed jointly by and is supported by the Institution of Civil Engineers, the Geology Society of London (Engineering Group), and the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining

The scheme was mandated by Ground Forum.

Preparation work for the scheme was carried out by the British Geotechnical Association.

The scheme is administered by the Institution of Civil Engineers (Registers Executive).

Oversight of the Scheme

The scheme is overseen by a Panel which comprises normally nine people who are senior level chartered professionals drawn from the three professional bodies supporting the scheme as well as representing Ground Forum and the BGA and also providing a cross-section between consulting, contracting and academia.

How to Apply

Details of the scheme are given in ICE3009(4). Application to join the scheme requires completion of an Application Form (ICE 3930) and the support of two sponsors who are each required to complete a Sponsorship Form (ICE 3928). The application form includes a copy of the applicant’s CV, their CPD record and a Personal Statement which is designed to demonstrate the applicant’s competence in six particular attributes relating to ground engineering. The applicant is responsible for deciding which grade of membership of the Register best accords with their own level of competence and experience. Each application will be reviewed by two assessors who themselves are members of the Register.

The registration of an individual will remain valid for five years after which each Registrant will be required to apply to renew their registration.

How is Assessment Made?

For the purpose of assessing applications, a team of Assessors is being developed which will be initially populated by senior level individuals who have been offered the opportunity to make early submissions to join the Register. Although they are to be sponsored by the Panel, their applications will be separately assessed by two representatives drawn for the Panel. Each member of the Panel has followed this procedure, i.e. completing and submitting the application form backed by two sponsors and then having their application assessed by two members of the Panel. In this way each Panel member has been subjected to the rigour of the scheme as well as trialling the documentation.

How Much does it Cost?

The application fee for all grades is currently set at £75. Normally a candidate will not be required to attend for interview. However, in certain circumstances, such as borderline applicants, the candidate may be called to attend for interview. In this case there will be a supplementary fee of £125. Once an individual has become Registered there will be an annual renewal of membership fee payable which is currently set at £12.

Further Information

Please visit the ROGEP website for further information.